Living More With Less

Where to begin? The simple answer is my life changed when we welcomed our son into the world almost 9 months ago. (The longer version involves a Netflix documentary I’ve now seen 3 times because mom brain means you don’t remember anything, hours lost watching TED Talks and a severe lack of wine in my house – hence the TED Talks and not wine drinking). I looked all around me and I saw my family and friends and my amazing husband and my beautiful baby boy, and our basement was still under renovation *head explodes.* I now had a brand new baby, and a hell of lot of work that still needed to happen. I could feel myself getting stressed about things I had no power to change, and what was worse was my husband, who had two weeks off from work, was stressing even more about finishing our renovation instead of relaxing and enjoying these precious moments with our son. Something inside me flipped. Suddenly, I couldn’t care less about the basement. I mean sure, it’d be so amazing if it was done (so amazing…), but it couldn’t be worth stressing this much when we had so much to be happy about, right? I told my husband he was no longer allowed to work on the basement and instead he would be spending his time cuddling with our baby and playing video games (I think he’s still wondering what happened to his wife).

Suddenly, life for me wasn’t about things, it became about love and support and – I can feel everyone getting grossed out by all the feels running wild over here so ill stop now. However, when I think back to those first few months, the most memorable moments were of the people surrounding me. I don’t remember looking around wishing I had a bigger house for all our guests to mingle or cursing myself for not buying a new Keurig. Instead I remember my husband making me breakfast while I sat on the couch with our new bundle of joy, or laying in bed talking about how much our life is changing. I remember going for walks holding hands and watching him carry our son around with pride, strapped to his chest in a baby carrier (Can you say sexy AF?). I knew then that as long as we had each other everything would be just fine.

Fast forward a few months and I still feel content with life, maybe my subconscious has just decided that this is my new normal. But if I can feel content without really changing anything, I started to imagine the possibilities of what could happen if I went out there with the intention of giving my life more meaning. Is it crazy to think I could find ways to be really and truly happier? Only one way to find out! So welcome to my search for “mehr” an ode to my German roots meaning “more”, I hope I can inspire you to find a bit more happiness in your own life, and if not you can enjoy watching me throw away half my belongings and hear about my husband’s reaction when I inform him we’re going to meditate together. It’s gonna be awesome…

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. — Mae West


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